Case Studies on Business

Case Studies on Business

Title: Seven Systems, Inc., an entrepreneurial success story
Reference Information: by Robert L. Wallace (2000).
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Teaser: How did a Virginia farm boy grow up to become a successful entrepreneur? Discover how Eugene Curry used his knowledge and ability to take risks to create his path to success.

The Start: Three friends, working at a major data processing company that went under, decided to form their own company, Seven Systems, Inc. (SSI). They saw a strong need in the marketplace for their area of expertise: software/data processing systems consulting.

The Approach: Eugene Curry, one of the founding partners, believes in staying one step ahead of financial requirements. He says "Get more than what you need - almost twice as much." This approach paid off when SSI lost $90,000 the first year but was able to rebound from this setback because they had borrowed twice their anticipated funding needs. In addition to a strong financial foundation, SSI's business strategy is to let the partners lead in their areas of expertise and share the day-to-day responsibilities of running the company. SSI meets regularly to keep the staff and the board up to date on company decisions. The partners protect their interests by staying well informed about the happenings in the industry and their company.

The Reward: Seven Systems, Inc. is a successful company with a solid reputation for high quality work. Most new business comes by word of mouth. Employees enjoy an informal atmosphere in a team environment.

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