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Entreteach Learning Systems™, LLC ( was the brainchild of our founder, Robert L. Wallace, and was designed as an educational extension to his research and his highly acclaimed textbooks, in which he delineates and prescribes solutions that address the unique issues women and minority entrepreneurs face in the marketplace. Initially developed to integrate the capabilities of and the extensive research conducted by Mr. Wallace, while taking advantage of the unique opportunities presented by the growth of the Internet, Entreteach Learning Systems has evolved into a thriving and dynamic business community, where emerging, embryonic, and established entrepreneurs meet and work together to realize their entrepreneurial endeavors on a global level.
             intends to use its leadership in employing the Domestic Emerging Markets™ concept to expand even further, an online community that will combine online financial services with an online portal.  Our web site, which we also call the network, will seek to be the leading interactive online community offering both financial services and a variety of lifestyle, educational and cultural content selected to appeal particularly to African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and women market segments, which has been defined by Nathaniel Chapman, as the Domestic Emerging Markets, or DEM™, community.  Our online financial services offerings will include online securities trading, equity research, mutual funds, and insurance products, all of which will be centered on the DEM™ strategy.

We are also in the exploratory stages of establishing an Internet bank focusing on the DEM community, an undertaking that we believe would round out our financial product lines and make a complete, one-stop financial services company.  These plans are in the preliminary stages, and we cannot assure you that they will come to fruition or represent a significant source of revenue.

We believe an online network designed to appeal to African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and women, as well as the DEM community as a whole, will allow us to leverage the DEM concept and promote brand differentiation for our financial and other services.  In addition, we believe that the Internet will provide us with cost-efficient access to new markets for our financial services.  The network will seek to address the needs and interests of the DEM community by providing lifestyle, educational and cultural, as well as financial services, and information with the goal of becoming a dynamic online community known as


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